How To Efficiently Manage Your Time As An Athlete

Time management for athletes can be hard due to busy schedules and exhaustion, here I will show you some ways to manage your time efficiently.

Creating a plan and a To-Do List.

Since I have such a hectic schedule being an athlete, I create a daily to-do list that suits my weekly plans. If you decide to manage your time this way, I recommend wording your tasks as if you already completed them for example instead of ”submit my workout hours to coach” write or type ” My workout hours to coach submitted” it is a little trick I use to stay on top of things. It also gives me a little boost of motivation.

I also always plan my to-do list for the week on Sundays because it helps me focus and organize my priorities. I also schedule my low-priority tasks on Mondays because Monday is not my ”brain working day”. And I Schedule my important tasks on Tuesday and Wednesday. I work out every day, and I set time to make sure I accomplish that goal of mine. Still, sometimes I am not able to have a complete workout on some days because I have a much more complicated schedule that day, so I have to manage my time efficiently, so I don’t have to rush another task, or I will have to take more time out of my day to get my tasks done on time.

Also at the end of every week, I revisit the list of tasks I accomplished from the previous week, and it helps boost my confidence and motivates me to create a new list and keep going.

Setting a Time Limit.

One way that helps me manage my time is by setting time restraints on my tasks, so I can focus more on important tasks I have to do during the week more efficiently. It also helps if I find myself going beyond my time limits, to examine my workflow and eliminate little time-wasters like unscheduled breaks.

Limit distractions.

Limiting distractions, I know it can be hard to do so, but I find it easier if I turn my mobile devices on do not disturb when I am focused on tasks, and I also find keeping my goals in mind at all times helps limit distractions.

By limiting distractions, you can complete your tasks on time and immediately get back on your mobile devices when you are all done for the remainder of your day, and that way you are not tempted to stop what you are doing to complete the task at hand.

Set up Breaks.

As athletes, our busy schedules can prevent us from being able to take breaks, for example, in between having to study for classes, training with the team, individual workouts, and eating, etc. But did you know that the human brain can only focus for 90-minutes at a time? I know right, mind-blowing. So I suggest scheduling breaks at least every 90 minutes helps avoid burnout and stress and maintain high productivity throughout your day.

You were probably thinking well when is it not a good time to take breaks? it is not good to take a break when you are in a state of “flow.” What I mean by flow is complete absorption in the task, seemingly effortless concentration, and pleasure in the task itself. Merely enjoying what you are doing may be a sign that you still have plenty of energy for your current activity.

Don’t Procrastinate.

Trust me, this last tip that I am about to talk about is one of the hardest things for me to do, but when you get out of that lousy mindset, you become much more productive.

Don’t wait for inspiration to strike to do a task. With mindfulness, you don’t have to feel like getting something done to do it.

I tend to procrastinate on tasks a lot, but I end up pushing through the negativity and doing it because I know its only setting back to more, and that leads to more stress. Noticing the thoughts and feelings that arise while I am doing a task from an outside perspective helps me a lot. Also, Acknowledging my emotions and letting them go.

Start tasks, even when you feel unsure, and trust that the motivation will follow.

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6 thoughts on “How To Efficiently Manage Your Time As An Athlete”

  1. Great post, all we get is 24 hours and we have to be sure to use it wisely! There is another athlete working just as hard as you so an extra 5 minutes could mean all the difference in the world.

  2. Trinity,

    I am not an athlete but time management is one of weaknesses. Thank you for your practical tips. I’ll definitely take your advice and hopefully I can be more organized and reduce my procrastination habit.


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