The Importance Of Proper Footwear For Athletes

Shoes are a big part of style nowadays but style is not the most important thing in a shoe let me tell you why… In this article, I will be explaining the importance of proper footwear and how you as an athlete can benefit from it.

What Is The Meaning Of Proper Footwear

Proper footwear is not all about the style or trends; it’s about protecting your ankles and feet so you can perform at your highest level without having to worry about injuries.

The Benefits

The benefit of having the proper footwear is that it can better prevent foot and ankle damage rather than not wearing proper footwear.

It also allows you to be more comfortable working out by lessening the impact and cushioning your feet from heavy landings. It can reduce stress levels knowing that your ankles and feet are protected.

Choosing specific shoes that pertain to the sport you play can improve your performance, for example: quick direction changes.

The Cons Of Not Wearing Proper Footwear

When playing the sport you love, you never want to worry about injuries and feel stressed about what may happen, but wearing improper footwear can cause numerous injuries and significant discomfort. By wearing improper footwear, you are putting yourself at risk.

My Experience

My high school basketball team was sponsored by a well-known brand “Under Armor” but they are not necessarily good at making safe basketball shoes. I’m not saying all of their shoes are bad, I just prefer other brands of shoes to wear for basketball like “Nike” because they are more comfortable and supportive. In the sponsorship “Under Armor” they sent everyone on the team a pair of their shoes to wear throughout the season.

My first practice playing in them, I noticed that they hurt the bottom of my feet very badly and had very little cushion and support for my ankles, and I was not feeling safe wearing them. I told my coach they were hurting, so he allowed me to change into the proper shoes.

Final Thoughts

When you pick out shoes, make sure you have an idea of how supportive the sneaker will be. Be sure to look at the midsole as this is where most of the support and cushioning will appear to ensure that this part of the shoe is thick, strong, and supportive. You also want to be sure your toes have enough room in the sneaker. Some athletes, mostly runners, will advise having a thumb’s worth of space between your big toe and front of the shoe. This is because feet tend to swell and get bigger throughout the day, especially if exercise is involved.

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-Trinity G.

2 thoughts on “The Importance Of Proper Footwear For Athletes”

  1. Awesome post. I’m not an athlete, but I work at Amazon, and have to stand for 10 hours for 4 days a week, that’s not good on the legs, foot or body in general.
    I’ve developed bone spurs in my left foot and arthritis in my knee and hip from driving the cherry picker.
    I’ve ordered work shoes from the company that was supposed to be really good for the feet…I didn’t have no good soles, they weighed my feet down.
    I did order some Dr. Scholl’s and my feet are completely comfortable, supported and I also have arch support which I desperately needed.
    Thank you for this very helpful article and this will help anyone in finding the perfect shoe for comfort and support. We all need that.

    • I am glad you liked my article!! You said you worked in Amazon standing all day have you ever considered trying compression therapy for your pain as well? Well if you don’t know what compression therapy is or just want to know more information I have another article talking about compression therapy and I think this will help your body recover faster from days of work. Click here to check out the article


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