The Importance Of Warming Up Before Exercise

As athletes, we all were taught to warm-up before games and practices but we never truly know why or what are the benefits of it. Well, today I will be discussing why it’s important to warm-up before working out.

What Is A Warm-up?

Warming up is a preparation for physical exercise or performance by exercising or practicing gently beforehand. Athletes, singers, actors, and others warm up before stressing their muscles.

The Benefits

  • The benefits of warming up is that it prevents injury by increasing your muscle temperature.
  •  It increases the range of motion of your muscles to start your exercise.
  • It also increases your heart rate and energy, decreasing the time it takes to contract your muscles.
  • Warming up also helps you mentally prepare you for your exercise.

What Warm-ups Should I Do?

Warm-ups should be particular to your exercise you are doing, but you should warm up your whole body even if you only plan on using a few muscle groups. Using one muscle group and not warming up the others can still injure the part you didn’t use.

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