The Training Mask 2.0 Review

Welcome to my review of the Training Mask 2.0!!

If you have a desire to become a better athlete in your sport, and you want to improve your endurance so you can last through a game without getting exhausted too quickly. Here I will be telling you what the training mask is and how it can help you achieve your goals. I will also share what I like about this company and their products.

What Is The Training Mask 2.0?

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The Training Mask 2.0 is a patented flux valve resistance platform functional breathing trainer.

  • Product Dimensions: 7 x 4.5 x 7 inches; 9.6 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 11 ounces
  • My Rating: 9/10
  • Where you can buy it:

Who Is The Training Mask For?

This mask is for any athlete that likes to challenge themselves and hates feeling fatigued and is also willing to put in the work to improve it. If you want to improve your endurance, and be at your best when your team needs you the most, this mask will help you accomplish that.

How Does The Training Mask Work?

Training Mask Original Series masks use patented multi-level resistance, which loads the respiratory muscles by adding friction to inhaled air. Increasing your breathing load while working out is like lifting weights for your breathing muscles. More breathing power will supercharge your stamina and endurance. The Training Mask Original Series includes 6 Resistance Caps, 3 Flux Valves, Head Strap, and Manual.

The Pros

The positive impact that the Training masks 2.0 has is that it makes your respiratory muscles stronger and more efficient. It increases stamina by making you inhale air at a higher capacity. It increases endurance and recovery by decreasing how tired you get while you’re training. As athletes, we run, jump, kick, and sprint a lot during practice and get fatigued at some point, but with this mask, it’s going to decrease how fast you get fatigued so you can be at your best.

Here are some verified customer positive reviews for the training mask 2.0:

  • “Lungs feel stronger- Really makes you work to breathe in and out. Feels like my asthma isn’t as bad since I started to use this during my workouts. You have to work your way up through start at five minutes then add time. Don’t try to use it for an entire workout to start. You’ll never make it.”-Nathaniel Long
  • “This was awesome- Are you kidding me !!! This was awesome – I usually run at 6.2 (incline 1) for 29 mins – 3 mi on treadmill – I trIed the mask out today – set for elevation 3000 – ran my 3 mi but had to lower speed to 5 – first 5 mins was tough trying to get adjusted, but rest was a breeze – literally – the mask forced me to ‘spread out’ my inhale and exhales and forced me to focus on my breathing. After I was done, no panting / no irregular short choppy breaths – it was just perfect.” -Neale Chaudhury
  • “Works for me- I know some research says that it may not help at all. Well, I do feel it helps me. It is a challenge getting through my “normal” workout wearing it. And then when I do not use it, my normal workout is a snap. It is easy to use and fits snugly. I will continue to use it.” -Matthew Hansen
  • “This product is really good. It really does help you work on your breathing! I’ve noticed after about two weeks using it, that when I take it off, my breathing is a lot more steady and comes easier. I think because when you wear the mask, you have to take deep breaths while doing cardio instead of doing short choppy breaths when you get tired because literally, you can’t. If you want to breathe in the mask, you have to do steady deep in/outs. I consider that a GREAT training device. When you take it off, you keep that same steady deep breath pattern versus doing choppy short breaths. I noticed that even when I got tired while running without the mask, I was able to tell myself “deep breaths” and I picked back up a rhythm, before the mask, that was never a thing.” -Tiahna Top Contributor: Coloring

 The Cons

The main problem I have with the 2.0 is the fit of the mask sleeve. It is sometimes uncomfortable around the ears.

Here are some verified customer negative reviews for the training mask 2.0:

  • “My complaint, which is a big one, hence the 4 stars versus 5, is the fact that I am a female weighing 165. I bought a medium because I’m 15 pounds over the small limit, and I find that the mask is pretty big on my face. It starts to slide pretty bad when I start getting sweaty. I don’t think it slides from me running, jumping, etc. Mostly just the sweat. It takes me a while to finally get into a comfortable position on my face and get a good seal at the beginning of my workout, and then after I’m sweaty right around the seal, it starts to slide. This is annoying, and I would like there to be a better explanation for females on the sizing chart. The second thing is that there is a lot of moisture buildup for me in this thing! To wear in my workouts, if I look down sweat/saliva slides out the mask! So gross!.” -Tiahna Top Contributor: Coloring
  • “Airflow caps keep popping off-I breathe hard when training with this, and the caps for airflow keeps popping out when I exhale really hard.”- Rob Munch Let me say I had this problem as well you have to really make sure they are on all the way or you cant loss it while training and sometimes they are on all the way and you just have to keep fidgeting with it which got annoying.

My Experience Using The Training Mask

I got the 2.0 released a couple years back, but I was inconsistent wearing the mask when I first got it and didn’t see results because of it. But now I am more consistent wearing 2.0 when I workout. I can feel the difference every time I have the mask on, because of the air resistance when I have to take in more air. That is what it’s supposed to do to strengthen your respiratory muscles. I can also feel my endurance increasing because I can play almost a whole basketball game without getting winded. The 2.0 works very well, and I am impressed.

Final Thoughts

My overall experience with the 2.0 was excellent, and I trust the company enough to recommend it to you, they include new features and focus on different types of training for every new mask they come out with. For example, The 2.0 focuses on agility and speed sessions, high-intensity training, Core & Targeted Breathing, and Endurance Training. And their latest version the 3.0 focuses on Cross-training, Functional Training, Cardio & Strength Workouts, Also Agility and speed training.

If you want to take your game to the next level, I highly recommend this mask. If you are willing to put in the work using this mask consistently, you will see results.

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